Withdrawn Product Disclaimer:

As a convenience, IBM provides this data regarding products no longer for sale. Some of the data contained here in may be out of date or contain inaccuracies.

Updates to this data will not be provided.


A four-digit feature code is used to specify a component that is configurable in the IBM configurators, the eBusiness Configurator (eConfig) and the IBM Web-based Hardware Configurator, used in US and Canada. Options that do not have feature codes cannot be integrated by IBM into a system using these IBM configurators. To purchase options separately, refer to the option part number provided in this document.

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Table 1. BladeCenter T (8730) at-a-glance
Part number Withdrawal date Form Factor (Width/Depth) Power Modules Power Modules
(Std/Max) (Line cord)1
Hot-Swap (Power, Bays, Blowers) Redundancy
8730-2RY 31 August 2011 Rack 8U 17.4in x 20in 1300W-AC 2/4 P,B,B S-Blower S-Power

Table 1. BladeCenter T (8730) at-a-glance (continued)
Part number Withdrawal date Management Module (Std/Max)2 I/O Module Bays (Total/Avail)3 Optical Drive Diskette Drive Blade Bays (Total/Avail)4
8730-2RY 31 August 2011 1/2 4/4 24x CD/DVD R/W n/a 8/8


  1. LC abbreviation indicates that the US models ship standard with a line cord. Models without line cords will be indicated with a hyphen.
  2. The Management Module incorporates a chassis-level management processor and dual Keyboard/Video/Mouse (KVM) switches. No external KVM switching is required. Installation of additional Management Module will require additional power supplies.
  3. A maximum of four I/O switches can be installed in the rear of the system. A maximum of four Gbit Ethernet switches or a maximum of two Gbit Ethernet switches and two-fiber channel switches can be installed. The minimum system configuration requires one Gbit Ethernet switch to be installed.
  4. Supports up to 8 single-wide blade servers. Additional power supplies are required to maintain full redundancy beyond 4 blade servers.

Table 2. BladeCenter T (8730), Blade Server support
Blade Server Models Supported
HS12 (8014) All
HS12 (8028) All
HS211 L1Y, L2Y, L3Y, L4Y, L5Y, L6Y, EXY, H1Y, J1Y, J2Y, C4Y, NTY2
HS21 XM (7995) Dual Core3 - L1Y, L2Y, L3Y, L4Y, L5Y, E5Y, H1Y, NTY Quad Core1 - A1Y, A2Y, C1Y, C2Y, E2Y, J1Y, J2Y, J3Y
LS21 3 21Y, 31Y, 51Y, 2TY, E1Y
LS41 4 31Y, 32Y, 51Y, 52Y, 4TY, E2Y


  1. Supports a maximum capacity of 7 blade servers.
  2. Due to limited power availability some higher power models require installation at lower densities.
  3. Supports a maximum capacity of 8 blade servers.
  4. Supports a maximum capacity of 4 blade servers.

5 August 2014