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For years System x servers have provided differentiating advantages for diverse SAP application workloads. Whether your business supports a high-performance data center or a small office with limited IT skills, the System x portfolio of x86 servers, storage and software can help your organization align and integrate processes, communicate with employees, partners, suppliers and customers in new ways, improve efficiency, and fully utilize your IT investment to increase the value of your business.

  • Flex System x240 M5 is a proven performer

    The x240 M5 compute node delivers breakthrough 2-processor result on two-tier SAP SD standard application benchmark on Windows.

  • Preconfigured X6 servers for SAP HANA

    Get faster time to value!

Explore System x solutions for SAP environments

SAP Business Suite:

System x Solution for SAP Business Suite on X6 gives you high performance and extraordinary scalability for mission-critical SAP Business Suite environments.

Flex System Solution for SAP Business Suite provides the capability to consolidate your key SAP database and application server workloads into a single managed environment that offers nearly 100 percent performance improvement for SAP Business Suite applications when compared to previous generation systems.


System x Solution for SAP HANA on X6 are preconfigured systems designed to help organizations instantly access, model and analyze all of their SAP transactional and analytical data in real time.

Flex System Solution for SAP Business Suite and SAP HANA offers performance enhancements that can speed system provisioning while enabling you to gain insights into key trends locked in your data and accelerate decision making.

System x solutions for SAP Business One with SAP HANA enables smaller businesses to take advantage of in-memory computing technology with an affordable in-memory analytics platform.

SAP NetWeaver BWA:

Systems solution for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator can help accelerate reporting and analysis of your existing SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse environment with out-of-the-box speed and flexibility.

Flex System Solution for SAP Business Warehouse Accelerator offers scalable real-time analytics for your SAP Business Warehouse. Get faster access to valuable information with up to 200 times improved query response on even the largest workloads.


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