System x solution for SAP HANA

Analyze SAP transactional business operations in real time


You need new ways to accelerate decision making and gain insights into key trends locked in your data. With the System x solution for SAP HANA, your organization will be able to instantly access, model and analyze all of your SAP business transactional and analytical data from virtually any data source in real time.

Simple and seamless scalability

The System x solution for SAP HANA offers unprecedented scalability. Large memory configurations are available for SAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA. And for SAP Business Warehouse and data mart implementations, you can easily create multi-node scale-out configurations by networking multiple nodes together enabling support for larger SAP HANA memory sizes. This modular approach enables you to invest in a workload optimized solution for SAP HANA and grow your infrastructure as your SAP HANA environment grows. In addition, the System x solution integrates high availability with automatic failover features eliminating the need for SAN storage often required in other vendor solutions.

Landscape optimization and datacenter readiness

Choose from a pre-configured solution or a custom Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) solution. Effectively protect your data with integrated high availability and synchronous disaster recovery capabilities using IBM General Parallel File System™ (GPFS™) software. Additionally, VMware virtualization technology can be used for optimizing deployment and management of your SAP HANA application environment using virtual machines via a single, SAP HANA certified system.

Easy deployment, operation and maintenance

System x Enterprise Solution Services and qualified Business Partners offer fast implementation services and on-going maintenance of your SAP HANA solution. 24 x 7 managed services are available from System x Enterprise Solutions Services.1

Workload Optimized Solutions for SAP HANA2

Preconfigured SAP HANA server models optimized for System x servers and validated by SAP can help speed time to value for your SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, data mart, and SAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA implementations.

With System x solutions for SAP HANA, you get:

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  • Lenovo delivers new #1 benchmark result on SAP Business Warehouse Enhanced Mixed Load.

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