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Whether your business demands a straightforward Oracle® database implementation or an end-to-end, integrated enterprise solution, IBM offers a broad portfolio of System x® and BladeCenter® servers for your diverse Oracle workloads. Built with X-Architecture® innovation, IBM x86 servers are designed to help you increase business productivity by helping you get the most out of the infrastructure you already have. Consolidate more machines per server and complete more transactions per minute without having to compromise memory bandwidth to support higher rack density. With improved system utilization in a smaller footprint, you can lower your acquisition and software costs, along with your energy bill.

System x and BladeCenter servers are:

Oracle Database

For simple Oracle Database solutions to high availability implementations supporting Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), IBM System x and BladeCenter servers can help you better manage and provision your computing resources for a responsive IT environment that can grow easily with your business.

For upgrading Oracle Database solutions to support or simplify future application upgrades, IBM System x enterprise systems provide an uncomplicated, cost-effective and highly flexible foundation and offer considerable savings over UNIX deployments using either Windows or Linux.

For consolidating your Web application tier along with your database tier, the IBM BladeCenter H, high performance and high density chassis, provides a reliable infrastructure to run compute-intensive applications with minimal maintenance and downtime. Providing the latest in cluster interconnect technology, you are able to choose between the latest Intel® and IBM POWER7® processor-based blades to support the database, application and Web serving tier.

For both the distributed large enterprise and small office, The IBM BladeCenter S chassis tightly integrates servers, SAN storage, networking, I/O and applications, allowing you to build a flexible IT infrastructure that is robust, integrated and virtualized using common building blocks. With BladeCenter S you can run the database on one blade and the application tiers on other blades all in a single, easy-to-use system.

Oracle VM

Oracle VM is a scalable, low-cost server virtualization software supporting both Oracle and non-Oracle applications. Certified for Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Applications, Oracle VM allows users to create and manage virtual machines through an easy to use browser-based tool. For customers interested in deploying Oracle VM on System x and BladeCenter servers, IBM can provide server hardware support. Oracle VM and software support is available directly from Oracle.

Oracle Linux

With an established proven track record of customer successes with Oracle and Linux®-based solutions, IBM can provide customers with server hardware warranty support for System x and BladeCenter servers that are running Oracle Linux. Customers can procure the Oracle Linux distribution and OS software support directly from Oracle.

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