IBM systems management solutions for System x

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Why systems management

To get the most value out of your technology investment throughout it's life cycle, you need effective system management that is easy to implement and use.

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  • IBM® Systems.

    IBM Systems Director Standard edition for System x

    IBM Systems Director Standard edition manages server health, deploys servers efficiently, monitors and reduces power consumption, and controls servers from anywhere in the world.

  • IBM BladeCenter Service Advisor

    Standard in all BladeCenter chassis that have the Advanced Management Module, Service Advisor is like having a 24/7 IT staff onsite at your office or data center.This proactive approach to service can help you eliminate expense, so you can focus on what is important; running your business.

  • UpdateXpress

    Keeping firmware up to date has been transformed into a task that is fast and easy.

  • Active Energy Manager

    Allows direct energy monitoring through IBM Director and helps the customer monitor and manage energy consumption to allow better utilization of available energy resources.

  • IBM ToolsCenter

    IBM System x® ToolsCenter is a collection of server management tools to help manage your IBM System x and BladeServer environment. ToolsCenter makes managing your server environment less complicated, more productive and cost-effective.

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