Technical computing and HPC

Extreme x86 computing performance without the extreme cost

Improving risk analysis, shortening product development cycles, and simulating the behavior of materials at nanoscale have something in common – the need to model, forecast, and analyze complex relationships. These tasks place enormous demands on your data and compute infrastructure.

Meet these demands and realize faster time to value with System x Technical Computing— intuitive and powerful systems, storage, software and pre-integrated solutions for compute-intensive and big data application acceleration.


Explore these solutions and product offerings to see how Technical Computing can help improve your critical technical and business decisions so you can drive innovation with breakthrough results.

  • IBM Application Ready Solutions

    IBM Application Ready Solutions

    IBM Application Ready Solutions takes the guesswork and complexity out of deploying, managing and using high-performance clusters, grids and clouds in industries such as automotive, aerospace, life sciences, chemistry and petroleum. Integrated and optimized solutions with leading ISVs and based on IBM reference architectures for reduced risk and faster time to value.

  • HPC Infrastructure

    Achieve better results faster with IBM Technical Computing systems - ranging from departmental clusters through supercomputers, high-performance storage, intuitive management software, and pre-integrated solutions have been optimized to perform this type of work – efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • HPC Cloud

    The benefits of cloud computing are well-known – efficiency, flexibility, high utilization – but have been difficult to achieve in HPC environments. IBM Technical Computing solutions for HPC Cloud are designed to transform your HPC resources into high performance clouds that provide the performance you need along with the advantages of the cloud model.

  • Big data Analytics

    With data growing at extraordinary rates and users demanding quick, effective analysis of this data, your applications need a high performance infrastructure. IBM Technical Computing solutions are designed to improve the performance of your computing infrastructure for your most demanding applications and big data workloads.

IBM NeXtScale System delivers the density, agility and scale you need for your most demanding workloads, including technical computing, grid deployments, analytics and large-scale cloud and virtualization infrastructures.

IBM Intelligent Cluster provides easy to order, easy to install pre-integrated clusters featuring the latest IBM and 3rd party technologies.

IBM System x iDataPlex provides extraordinary performance for analytics, imaging and simulation workloads while offering energy efficiency and extraordinary density to help you conserve power and data center floor space.

IBM Flex System enables you to combine leading-edge x86 compute nodes with integrated storage, networking, and workload management in a highly dense, scalable blade system for maximum flexibility and efficiencies.

IBM System x rack-mount servers are designed to support a wide variety of business-critical applications and offer outstanding balance of high availability, performance, flexibility, density and efficiency–including I/O options and increased processor speed and memory capacity.

High-performance, low-latency systems management

IBM Platform Computing can help pool your technical computing resources, manage them efficiently across multiple clusters, grids or HPC clouds and get the most out of your IT investments. With a broad suite of powerful and intuitive workload and resource optimization tools, designed to work together seamlessly, Platform Computing software will help simplify the deployment, optimization and management of your high-performance infrastructure.

Data protection and storage management

Elastic Storage based on GPFS is the most widely used commercial parallel file system for online storage management, scalable data access and integrated information lifecycle management. Capable of managing petabytes of data and billions of files without disrupting applications.

High performance storage

System x GPFS Storage Server is designed to reduce high-end storage costs and scale near-linearly with breakthrough "controller-less" HPC storage. Performance and capacity increases as multiple building blocks are added. Provides extreme data integrity and reduced latency with rapid and non-disruptive disk re-builds.

IBM System Storage DCS3860: new high-density, high-performance storage, delivering up to three times faster performance and improved scalability over prior generation.

IBM System Storage DCS3700: Maximizes performance, scalability and storage density while helping to lower operational costs.

IBM Storwize v3700 Storage System offers efficiency and flexibility to addresses block storage requirements of small and midsize organizations at an affordable price.

FlashCache Storage Accelerator is a highly advanced intelligent caching software for System x servers that enables Flash and hard drive storage to transparently and cost effectively work together.

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