IBM System x Integrated Offering for Cloud


Simple, cost-effective private cloud implementation

Virtualizing your data center offers many potential benefits including reduced upfront capital and operating costs.

Taking the next step to a cloud environment further reduces costs by providing the means for users to deploy pre-set up standard environments, with little or no dependency on IT staff.

The System x Integrated Offering for Cloud is a pre-integrated offering that leverages the cloud management stack from IBM SmartCloud Entry for System x. SmartCloud Entry for System x is a low-cost, easy-to-use entry private cloud implementation. It provides a simple web-based portal enabling user self provisioning, platform management, basic image management, and basic metering. It is unique among cloud offerings in that:

Full cloud or platform for future expansion

While IBM Integrated Offering provides a simple, cost-effective way to implement an entry private cloud, it also provides a comprehensive platform that could serve you well as your only cloud environment—web-based self- service provisioning, platform management, basic image management, and metering to determine who is using which resources and to facilitate chargeback.

Should the need arise, there is a simple upgrade path to IBM advanced cloud functions.

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