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IBM System x solution for SAP HANA—delivering proven results.

IBM System x solution for SAP HANA—delivering proven results.
IBM System x solution for SAP HANA delivers industry leading analytics performance, saving employee time in the process and increasing productivity.
See what these enterprises have to say about IBM System x solution for SAP HANA...
"Some things that took 500 minutes to run are down to 25 minutes… we had some processes that took 77 minutes and are now down to 13 seconds... 355 times faster. Everywhere we look, it is hours to minutes and minutes to seconds: a huge improvement."
Tom Greene, CIO, Colgate-Palmolive1
Usha International Limited saved time by?2...
Reducing query execution times 85%
Reducing data load times 90%
Reducing database read time almost 99%
With increased performance, Migros was able to3...
Generate standard sales article reports 97% faster 8 sec
Identify slow-selling products 98% faster
"With SAP HANA on the IBM Systems solution, we can now process more complex and comprehensive requests within seconds, providing a range of new insights that were simply not available without in-memory processing."
Alexander Weiss, Team Leader Migros
IBM System x solution for SAP HANA allowed itelligence to4...
Accelerate complex planning 66%
Improve average performance of the ten most requested reports by over 90%
With the IBM Systems solution for SAP HANA, our customers can leverage their data in whole new ways...
...we can now implement [reporting projects] easily with this new solution, because SAP HANA provides very fast response times."
Martin Effinger, CTO, winnovation5
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1 IBM Case Study: Colgate-Palmolive selects SAP HANA to improve the speed of business analytics with IBM and SAP
2 IBM Case Study: Usha International Limited reduces data load time 90 percent
3 IBM Case Study: Swiss retailer Migros spots consumer trends in real time with SAP HANA
4 IBM Case Study: itelligence AG helps customers to react in real-time
5 IBM Case Study: winnovation helps customers make better business decisions with SAP and IBM

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