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Now available from IBM: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 
Maximize uptime and availability, reduce costs of SAP deployments by purchasing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications when configuring your System x and BladeCenter server.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server offerings from IBM

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
A highly reliable, scalable and secure server operating system, built to power both physical and virtual mission-critical workloads. By using this foundation, enterprises can deliver business services, enable secure networks and manage heterogeneous IT resources. Available for a single server with 1 CPU Socket and single servers with 1-32 CPU Sockets.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for IBM BladeCenter
Provides customers with the ability to purchase a single SUSE Linux Enterprise Server offering and to deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on any IBM BladeCenter server configured within a BladeCenter E, H or T chassis, including Intel x86-based, EM64T-based or AMD64-based IBM BladeCenter blade servers.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server High Performance Computing 8 Pack
When using high performance computing clusters to solve the most demanding computational and data-intensive problems, this low cost and scalable operating system is available for the compute nodes in the cluster.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications
Use this highly reliable, scalable, secure and optimized server operating system for consolidating all your mission-critical SAP applications. This solution maximizes uptime and availability, reduces costs and improves performance of SAP deployments by taking advantage of additional enterprise services, dedicated updates and maintenance, and optional priority support from Novell. Validated and certified by SAP, this solution is optimized for mission-critical SAP software solutions - both physical and virtual, making it an ideal platform for SAP software solutions and appliances.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SAP Business All-in-One
A configurable and extensible business solution designed for mid-sized companies in the manufacturing, service and trade industries. By combining software, database and hardware into one package, companies can easily and quickly deploy end-to-end business processes and drive down total cost of ownership.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time
A fully supported, real time operating system, specifically engineered to reduce latency, increase the predictability and reliability of your time sensitive mission critical applications and lower costs.

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension
An affordable, integrated suite of innovative open source clustering technologies that lets you implement highly available Linux clusters. This helps you maintain business continuity, protect data integrity, and reduce unplanned downtime for your mission-critical Linux workloads.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Novell Support
You can now choose to add either 12x5 or 24x7 technical support from Novell, when you purchase SUSE Linux Enterprise. Novell is a leading provider of Linux support services, featuring skilled Linux engineers and support centers located across the globe.


Customers can also purchase IBM support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server when purchasing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from IBM. All SUSE Linux Enterprise Server subscriptions include upgrade protection at no additional charge and access to Novell's SUSE Linux Portal to obtain updates and maintenance.

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  • Pat Massey Byers

    System x Linux and Open Virtualization Business Development and Marketing Program Director

  • Pat Massey Byers

    System x Linux and Open Virtualization Business Development and Marketing Program Director

Pat Massey Byers

System x Linux and Open Virtualization Business Development and Marketing Program Director

Pat Massey Byers Within IBM's System x server organization, Pat focuses on Linux, where she is responsible for business development, marketing, relationships with major Linux companies including Red Hat, SUSE and Canonical (Ubuntu) and manages IBM System x's Linux operating system product portfolios.

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