DDS Generation 6 Internal USB Tape Drive


The IBM DDS Generation 6 Internal USB Tape Drive provides optimum capacity, performance, and a low total cost of ownership for small and medium business environments or enterprise workgroups requiring the highest capacity and performance DDS (DAT) drive available.

Highest Capacity and Performing DDS Generation

With up to 160GB1 of storage per cartridge and speeds of up to 50GB/hour1 the IBM DDS Gen 6 drive addresses today’s real capacity and performance needs at the same time provides the reliability and backward compatibility that users of the world’s most successful tape technology have come to expect.

Investment Protection

This sixth generation DDS drive provides two-generations of backward compatibility, providing a painless upgrade path. It is capable of reading and writing both DDS Generation 5 (DAT72) and DDS Generation 4 cartridges.

Plug and Play USB Connectivity

The USB 2.0 interface allows for plug and play internal connectivity for simplified out of the box setup. The native USB interface not only delivers a fast and easy installation, but ensures that ports are widely available. It also eliminates the need for an additional host-bus-adapter, which enables a lower-cost implementation.

Time Tested Reliability

Reliability is the first and foremost requirement in any data protection solution and DDS drives have developed a legacy of reliability. DDS uses proven tape media and helical scanning for recording. There are two read heads and two write heads. The read heads verify the data that has been written (recorded) and if errors are present the write heads rewrite the data. Advanced levels of Error Correction Code (ECC) provide further protection for the data on the tape.

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