Enterprise customers are constantly challenged with finding ways to improve performance. This can vary from a need for the lowest possible write latency to improving the overall density of the IT infrastructure.

eXFlash™ DIMMs achieve write latency as low as 3.3 microseconds; the lowest write latency of any flash device.1 eXFlash DIMMs are ideally suited for large enterprise customers in application environments where high performance is required for high efficiency, with deterministic response rates, ultralow latency, and no performance load spikes. Environments primed for eXFlash DIMM deployment include database/cloud, Big Data/analytics, high-frequency trading and other financial applications, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

What IT managers need is a high-performance, low-latency and highly scalable storage technology that provides a capacity and price profile comparable to other flash storage, such as PCIe adapters. eXFlash DIMMs close the last performance gap in current storage solutions by placing flash as close as possible to the CPU and applications. The innovative design of eXFlash DIMMs connects flash storage to the memory channel using an industry-standard DIMM form factor. This accelerates current enterprise applications and enables a new generation of software solutions that require ultralow latency access to cost-effective storage devices.

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IBM eXFlash memory-channel storage

Achieve write latency as low as 3.3 microseconds – the lowest write latency of any flash device.


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