eXFlash consists of the backplane and your choice of the number of drives and capacities as well as your choice of controller. When ordering eXFlash, be sure to identify the system to select the correct cable configuration as well as the controller based on your needs.

Today’s data center managers are challenged with improving performance and efficiency without expanding budgets or footprints. This includes deploying more virtual machines as virtualization becomes the rule, rather than the exception, as well as increased transaction processing performance from database applications. Virtualization demands maximum memory to run the most-efficient virtual environments, and database and transaction processing applications need maximum memory capacity and bandwidth. Customers need to deliver increased performance for their applications.

Product features

A single IBM eXFlash unit has the following characteristics:

Hardware summary

Each eXFlash unit occupies four 2.5" SAS hard disk drive bays. The eXFlash units can be installed in the following configurations:

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