IBM High IOPS Modular PCIe Adapters


From banking and insurance to investment and trading, financial data is growing exponentially. Current hard disk drive (HDD) storage can’t keep up with application demands. Some firms need highest performance and lowest latency. Microsecond delays in transactions mean lost opportunity and profit. Others need to improve the performance of their SAN or local storage. The SAN provides data protection features, but slowing performance leaves applications waiting for data. Replacing all HDDs with solid state drives (SSDs) is usually not in the budget and does not necessarily solve the problem.

The new IBM High IOPS Modular Adapters are the most comprehensive solutions to serve different storage acceleration needs and budgets. These adapters provide the high performance storage that helps companies execute faster than the competition. They intelligently use flash and hard drives together for the best price/performance when it does not make sense to replace existing investments in SAN and DAS storage. These adapters require minimal use of system resources with no static CPU or memory overhead, resulting in maximum performance and lower system usage costs.

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