IBM High IOPS MLC Adapters


A revolutionary solid-state storage technology that delivers maximum acceleration to IBM® System x® solutions. The world of storage is no longer just about capacity; it’s now also about the need for extremely fast and reliable access to data. The ever-increasing demand on today’s servers, combined with the exponential growth of processor performance, has exposed the limitations of today’s aging storage architectures. The time has come for an innovative solution that takes enterprise data availability, scalability and access rates to a new level of simplicity and performance, without sacrifices.

Designed around a flash memory storage architecture, the IBM High IOPS MLC Adapters utilize the world’s most advanced NAND Flash technology, giving you power to dramatically improve storage performance. These adapters unleash such a dramatic performance increase that every server may easily contain the I/O performance of an enterprise SAN. With sustained, random access rates hundreds of times faster than the fastest Hard Disk Drives, IBM High IOPS MLC Adapters are an industry leader in data acceleration technology. These adapters unlock a world of possibilities for I/O-bound servers and the applications that drive them, ultimately giving customers the power to innovate the next generation of data centers.

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