IBM 200, 400, 800 GB, and 1.6 TB SAS MLC Enterprise Solid State Drives for IBM System x


The IBM 200 GB, 400 GB, 800 GB and 1.6 TB SAS MLC Enterprise SSDs for IBM System x lower the cost of solid-state storage while improving performance, reliability, and endurance capabilities. They are available in 200 GB, 400 GB, 800 GB, and 1.6 TB capacities, and are suited for a wide variety of mission-critical enterprise storage applications. These products achieve industry-leading read/write speeds of 100 K/50 K random IOPS and 500/500 MB/s sustained transfer rates, delivered consistently over the life of the product. Utilizing MLC NAND technology, drive endurance of 10 DWPD for a period of five years with full data path protection and high-reliability backup power circuitry to maintain power to the drive in the event of unplanned system power failures. These SSDs are an excellent choice for customers requiring a read/write mix such for use in databases or in I/O caching and tiering applications.

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