100 GB, 200 GB, and 400 GB 6 Gbps SATA MLC SSDs


As technology continues to evolve, managers of enterprise computing environments are faced with balancing their clients’ performance expectations with rapidly increasing storage-driven demands for floor space and power. There in an increasing need for a solution that complements the existing DRAM and HDD-based storage hierarchy to optimize data center performance, storage costs and footprint, and reliability.

High-performance, cost-effective and reliable

Increasingly, solid state storage is becoming a practical component in balancing data center cost, reliability, and manageability. The new 100, 200, and 400 GB SATA MLC Enterprise SSDs employ cost-effective MLC NAND technology to bring an affordable, but performance-driven solution with high read and write performance and robust reliability. These SSDs are an excellent choice for customers requiring a read/write mix such for use in databases or in I/O caching and tiering applications. The drives also fit into a unique eXFlash™ backplane, allowing scalability of performance and capacity.

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