Businesses worldwide rely on System x storage. System x’s encryption expertise, as well as our global presence, provides the secure storage products. Our encrypted solutions can also reduce your storage management complexity.

A company's data is one of its most valuable assets. Stolen data can mean high customer notification costs, tarnished reputation and a loss of customers. Despite the “protection” in the data center, Seagate estimates that 50,000 drives a day leave the data center and are routinely sent out for warranty repair, lease return, disposal or are repurposed or sold. This is often an unrecognized and significant potential source of data breach. In addition, entire servers are at risk from “smash-and-grab” theft from local storefronts―an event than can quickly put a small business out of business.

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Lenovo acquires IBM x86 systems

These IBM x86 products are now products of Lenovo in the U.S. and other countries. IBM will host x86-related content on ibm.com until migrated to Lenovo. During the transition, please interpret references to IBM in relation to transitioned products as Lenovo.


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