QLogic 16 Gb Fibre Channel HBAs for IBM System x


Customers today are challenged to utilize their IT resources as fully as possible, requiring virtualization of server hardware. In the past, the bottleneck to virtualization has been I/O bandwidth, thereby hindering application performance.

The QLogic 16 Gb FC Host Bus Adapters boast industry-leading native FC performance—achieving dual-port, line-rate, 16 Gb FC throughput—at extremely low CPU usage, with full hardware offloads. This extreme performance eliminates potential I/O bottlenecks in today’s powerful multiprocessor servers.

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QLogic 16 Gb Host Bus Adapters for IBM System x

System x offers best-in-class QLogic 16Gb HBA’s ideal for virtualized environments needing excellent input/output (I/O) performance

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