IBM 1754 LCM Digital Activation Key


Unscheduled server downtime can have a negative impact on end user and customer satisfaction and can result in lost productivity and revenue. Dispatching personnel to attend to servers at a data center on nights or weekends is costly, inefficient and time consuming. The ability to quickly respond to IT problems is imperative in today’s connected world.

The IBM 1754 Digital Activation Key is a software upgrade that turns your IBM 1754 Local Console Manager KVM analog switch into a digital device enabling remote access to servers its connected to. Protect your current investment in LCM and save money by leveraging your existing infrastructure. Save travel costs and reduce mean time to repair by accessing your servers remotely. Simplify management of your servers regardless of location or manufacturer. Save money by leveraging remote resources. Increase productivity by having IT administrators spend more time working and less time traveling.

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