Rear Door Heat eXchanger V2

Machine type model 175642X
Air movement Provided by servers
Door dimensions Depth: 129 mm/5 in. Height: 1950 mm/76.8 in. Width: 600 mm/23.6 in.
Door assembly weight Empty: 39 kg/85 lbs./Filled: 48 kg/105 lbs.
Water volume 9 liters/2.4 gallons
Water temperature (must be above dew point) 18° C/64.4° F for ASHRAE Class 1 Environment
22° C/71.6° F for ASHRAE Class 2 Environment
Water flow rate 22.7 liters/6 gallons to 56.8 liters/15 gallons per minute
Heat removal 100% - 30 kw, 90% - 40 kw @ 18°C water temp, 27°C inlet air temp.
Water connections 3/4 inch quick connect
Supported racks 42U 1100 mm Enterprise V2 Dynamic Rack: part number 93634PX,
42U 1100 mm Enterprise V2 Dynamic Expansion Rack: part number 93634EX

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