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New IBM System x and software analytics solutions

Data is driving your business. Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data – data from social media posts, digital pictures and videos, transaction records, cell phone GPS signals, and more. New IBM System x® solutions provide cost-effective, powerful performance for storing, accessing, and analyzing data to create a competitive advantage.

IBM Systems solution for SAP HANA

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The making of the largest SAP HANA system – taking analytics to the extreme. (00:07:25)

Instantly access, model and analyze all of your company’s SAP transactional and analytical data from virtually any data source in real time with easy to order preconfigured server models enhanced with new features that help lower costs for single node implementations. Learn more.

Gain insight and business value from immense and growing volumes, variety, and velocity of data

IBM System x Reference Architecture for InfoSphere Streams – performs complex, real-time analytics on unstructured data-in-motion so you can run large-scale, distributed analytics jobs on clusters of cost-effective, high performance System x servers. The hardware platform is available pre-integrated from IBM.

IBM System x Reference Architecture for Hadoop: InfoSphere BigInsights – delivers scale-out computing based on the latest IBM System x3630 M4 platform for analysis of both unstructured and structured data. With increased performance, storage and memory capacity, you can get faster insight from analysis of large scale data. The hardware platform is available pre-integrated from IBM.

IBM System x Reference Architecture for Hadoop: Cloudera – delivers Cloudera certified reference architectures for Apache Hadoop environments based on CDH, Cloudera’s market-leading distribution. These tested configurations perform complex analytics on unstructured data on the latest generation of IBM System x3630 M4 systems. The hardware platform is available pre-integrated from IBM.

Other exciting System x offerings

  • - New System x3300 M4

    Is a flexible, entry priced 2-socket tower server that is perfect for customers who need a powerful business server optimized for cost and prepared for growth, while fitting easily under a desk. With up to 77 percent better performance-per-watt than the previous generation, you can run more business workloads while still saving more to invest in your business1.

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  • - IBM Systems solution with SAP Discovery system

    Is a robust System x server pre-installed with a wide range of SAP software and development tools that provides a fast and cost-effective way to explore, evaluate and train on SAP products including SAP HANA, before deploying new software in your infrastructure.

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  • - IBM Systems Director 6.3.2

    Provides easy-to-use, powerful tools to manage both physical and virtual resources for System x and BladeCenter and other IBM and non-IBM systems. This release provides simplified deployment, installation and update processes, and can be accessed from anywhere with a consistent, web-based user.

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Business analytics solutions on System x and BladeCenter

Delivering business insights with speed and flexibility

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Scott Hawkins, Program Director, x86 Systems Marketing, discusses IBM's latest offerings