System x3530 M4


Upgrade with more ease

Designed for optimum flexibility and growth, the IBM System x3530 M4 offers a wide range of configuration options to help meet general business requirements today and tomorrow. Start with the combination of hard disk drive size, networking and computing power you need now, then scale up through an easy upgrade path. The Integrated Management Module II with optional remote upgrade via Feature on Demand (FoD) helps simplify the deployment process.

Optimized for performance

The x3530 M4 delivers dual-socket performance in a compact 1U footprint and features the latest Intel Xeon E5-2400 series technology with greater processing, memory and I/O capabilities. Built with a focus on reduced total cost of ownership, the x3530 M4 provides 80-PLUS® power supply certification to help enable energy savings. With a better balance between cost and system features, the x3530 M4 is an ideal platform for general business workloads.

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