System x GPFS Storage Server


Complex solutions—made simple

Deploying solutions for Technical Computing, High Performance Computing (HPC), Analytics and Cloud environments can place a significant burden on IT. The System x® GPFS Storage Server, fulfilled through the Intelligent Cluster™, leverages decades of experience to reduce the complexity of deployment with integrated, delivered, and fully-supported solutions that match best-in-industry components with optimized solution design. With the GPFS Storage Server, clients can focus their efforts on maximizing business value, instead of consuming valuable resources to design, optimize, install and support the infrastructure required to meet business demands. The GPFS Storage Server (GSS21, GSS22, GSS24 and GSS26) combines the performance of System x servers with industry-leading GPFS software to offer a high-performance, scalable building-block approach to modern storage needs. The GPFS Storage Server allows organizations to start small and build via incremental additions, providing expanded capacity and bandwidth with each additional GSS building-block.

Best-of-industry technology, optimized solution design

The GPFS Storage Server features industry-leading System x servers, storage enclosures and drives, software and networking components that allow for a wide choice of technology within an integrated, delivered solution. Each solution is tested and optimized for reliability, interoperability and maximum performance, so clients can quickly deploy the system and get to work achieving their business goals. With GSS, you gain all the reliability, integration and interoperability of an Intelligent Cluster solution, all within a high-capacity, GPFS-based storage architecture.

Increase results with quick rebuild times

Clients are expanding the use of Technical Computing and HPC to solve complex problems with a need for high-capacity storage, and low-latency data access with quick rebuild times in the event of disk failure. Clients are looking for a low per-terabyte price. As an integral part of the Intelligent Cluster portfolio, the GPFS Storage Server’s Native RAID capability provides extreme data integrity, reliability and flexibility. GSS’s Declustered RAID technology makes rebuild times up to 400 percent faster. These features let clients quickly put the system to work and increase productivity.

End-to-end solutions with end-to-end support

The GPFS Storage Server is built, tested, delivered and supported as part of an overall Intelligent Cluster deployment. You receive single point-of-contact, solution-level support that includes components to deliver maximum system availability throughout the life of the system. Clients can spend less time maintaining systems and more time delivering results.

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