System x3850 X5 and x3950 X5


Tailored to your workload demands

With rising costs, increasing workloads and demands for 24×7 availability, there’s no room in your organization for underutilized or unreliable servers. Built on the latest next generation of enterprise XArchitecture™ technology and Intel Xeon processors, the System x3850 X5 offers superior performance and unbeatable reliability within an energy- and wallet-friendly design. Best of all, it offers ultimate flexibility to help you get what you need, when you need it.

The x3950 X5 offers simple-to-deploy, preconfigured systems that are optimized for specific workloads. The x3950 X5 database optimized systems offer the right balance of processing power, memory, and eXFlash high-performance storage technology for your database workloads. x3950 X5 virtualization optimized systems with embedded VMware vSphere Hypervisor come standard with MAX5 for unmatched memory capacity, allowing you to increase the size and quantity of your virtual machines. The x3950 X5 SAP High Performance Analytics Appliance (HANA) helps provide super-charged analytics performance for businesses who need timely answers to vital business questions.

You need to get solutions deployed in your data center and generating returns faster than ever. The x3950 X5 workload-optimized systems are turnkey solutions configured for high-performing database or virtualization environments. Choose among models configured with the right balance of processing power, memory, high- performance storage, networking and software for your database application, virtualized or SAP HANA environment.

Select configurations of the x3850 X5 are part of the Express Portfolio™ designed to meet the needs of small and midsized businesses. Easy to manage, Express models and configurations vary by country.

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System x3850 X5

This versatile 4-socket scalable system facilitates maximum utilization, reliability and performance for compute- and memory-intensive workloads.

Leadership memory scalability

Samsung 32GB RDIMM combined with IBM eX5 servers with MAX5 enables leadership memory scalability for VMware vSphere 5.

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