Configuration tools

Product configurators and technical references

Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool (SSCT)

This hardware configurator is developed to aid IBM sales representatives and business partners in configuring IBM System x, IBM BladeCenter, and IBM Flex System products. The application is designed to support an interactive interface with graphics for determining the price, ideal environment, and available rack cabinet space. The application is also capable of saving or exporting data in several different formats.

IBM System x and Cluster Solutions configurator (x-config)

The x-config tool is a hardware configurator provided by IBM to support the configurations of all our x86 integrated solutions and systems including IBM System x, IBM BladeCenter, IBM System x iDataPlex, IBM Intelligent Cluster and IBM Flex System. It is a stand-alone application that runs on a workstation once it's been downloaded. This tool does not require an internet connection. However, if an internet connection is available, the most recent version will be installed automatically when the tool is launched.

IBM Configuration and Options Guide (COG)

The COG contains general configuration information about IBM System x, IBM BladeCenter, and IBM Flex System products, along with their supported options. The COG is intended as a supplement, not a replacement, to the various configuration tools provided by IBM.

IBM x86 Server Reference (xREF)

The IBM x86 Server Reference (simply known as xREF) provides a quick reference guide to the specifications of our currently available x86 products including, System x and BladeCenter servers and IBM Flex System compute nodes. Each page can be used in a stand-alone format and provides a dense and comprehensive summary of the features for each model. Links to the related IBM Redbooks Product Guide are also provided for more information.

BladeCenter Interoperability Guide

The BladeCenter Interoperability Guide is a quick reference tool that outlines interoperability of BladeCenter components, including blade servers, chassis, expansion units, networking and storage devices to assist you in your BladeCenter configuration efforts.

Quick Reference mobile app for IBM System x

The free Quick Reference for IBM System x mobile app, available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, is designed to let you easily access the latest System x and BladeCenter product information, success stories and IBM experts.


Server and storage recommendation tools

IBM Pre-Sales Advisor Tool (PSAT)

The Pre-Sales Advisor Tool (PSAT) provides quick and easy access to IBM pre-sales information and tools for System x, BladeCenter, IBM Flex System, and System Storage products. When first accessed, the Pre-Sales Advisor Tool checks the language and country data required and defaults to your country of access. You can, however, select from any country supported by the tool. On completion of a product configuration, you can select a dealer from the list provided and send the configuration to that dealer. It is that simple!


Power configuration tools

IBM System x Power Configurator

Energy costs are top of mind in IT today. In fact, it is estimated that each year companies pay a significant part of the purchase price of a system on powering, cooling and housing that system. Discover the energy savings IBM System x, BladeCenter, and IBM Flex System can bring to your business. Take the power challenge using the IBM System x Power Configurator today.

Selector Tool for IBM UPS

This easy to use web tool provides you with multiple methods for selecting an IBM Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for System x and BladeCenter servers. One selection criteria includes “by country” so that the correct voltage can be selected. The tool also contains additional detailed information and specifications about IBM UPS offerings.


Consolidation and sizing tools

IBM Systems Consolidation Evaluation Tool

The IBM Systems Consolidation Evaluation Tool has been developed by Alinean Inc., an industry leading tool provider featuring return on investment analytics for the IT industry. The tool is designed to provide a preliminary, high-level analysis of your current systems environment costs based on your projected growth needs and server replacement cycles over the next 5 years. The results are contrasted to a consolidated IBM System x, BladeCenter, or IBM PureFlex System solution with estimated savings potential.

IBM Systems Workload Estimator (WLE)

The IBM Systems Workload Estimator (WLE) is a web-based sizing tool for IBM PureFlex Systems, IBM Flex Systems, System x, BladeCenter, Power Systems, and System z. You can use this tool to size a new system, to size an upgrade to an existing system, or to size a consolidation of several systems. The Workload Estimator (WLE) allows measurement input to best reflect your current workload and provides a variety of built-in workloads to reflect your emerging application requirements. Virtualization can be used to yield a more robust solution. The Workload Estimator will provide current and growth recommendations for processor, memory, and disk that satisfy the overall client performance requirements.

IBM Sizing Guides

IBM Sizing Guides provide sizing recommendations for IBM Systems running workloads representing a customer environment. A variety of tailored workloads are available to choose from, as well as allowing measurement input that reflects your current workloads. It will recommend the system model including processor, memory, and DASD requirements that is necessary to handle the overall workload with reasonable performance expectations. To use the sizing guides select desired workloads and answer a few questions related to the business workload requirements. Based on the answers, the Estimator generates a recommendation and shows the predicted CPU utilization of the recommended system in graphical format. The final results can be printed or generated in Portable Document Format (PDF). Multiple operating systems, partitions, systems and tiers are supported.

IBM Insight for SAP

IBM Insight for SAP provides you with a convenient, high-level, workload analysis for in-production SAP system landscapes. The tool gathers performance workload and utilization statistics which are then analyzed by IBM. In a few days you are provided a confidential performance report detailing the workload and utilization of the SAP system.


Server management tools

IBM FastSetup

IBM FastSetup is a no-cost software tool that helps simplify the maintenance and deployment of select IBM BladeCenter chassis, servers, and components. The intuitive GUI initializes all phases of server setup, including discovery, update, and configuration.

IBM ToolsCenter

The IBM ToolsCenter is a collection of server management tools to help manage your System x and BladeCenter environment. ToolsCenter makes managing your server environment less complicated, more productive and cost-effective.

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