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Business resiliency through virtualization

The goal

A resilient infrastructure is key

Today’s business environment is characterized by rapid, unpredictable changes – some of which present opportunities, others that introduce challenges and some time even threats. Irrespective of circumstances, it’s imperative that businesses be responsive and resilient – seamlessly taking advantage of opportunities while mitigating risks. As such, an IT infrastructure must be designed to help insure the continuity of business operations in the event of an unexpected disruption and secure data integrity. The infrastructure must rapidly and automatically scale to address marketplace changes.

The advantage

An available, resilient infrastructure

Virtualization offers a strategy that transcends physical boundaries to improve service delivery, drive down infrastructure costs and help manage risk. Applications are only available if the underlying infrastructure is available and virtualization can keep applications running through server, storage and application server failures. Consolidating onto virtualized servers means less physical machines to restore. And virtual machine configurations stored in networked files can be restored quickly to another site in the case of a disaster as part of your business resilience plan. Storage virtualization allows you to restore to different device types without having to have a mirror image of all storage at a disaster recovery site.

The benefits

Superior availability, less complexity and significant cost savings

Virtualization can lower the cost and complexity of data center sites by allowing flexible and dynamic delivery of shared IT resources as services. Using virtualization technologies for server and storage systems offers many benefits such as:

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Learn how companies of all sizes, across a wide range of industries, are realizing the value of virtualization as part of their business resiliency plans. Learn more about IBM’s total business resiliency story.

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