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Virtualization solutions

The IT challenge is clear — simplify and optimize your infrastructure so that your business can efficiently respond in a cost-effective way. With our extensive portfolio of virtualization solutions, we can help you build a resilient infrastructure optimized for cost-effectiveness, simplified management and flexibility. We have a team of virtualization specialists who can help you leverage complementary approaches for:

Business resiliency through virtualization

Virtualization offers a strategy that transcends physical boundaries to improve service delivery, drive down infrastructure costs and help manage risk. Applications are only available if the underlying infrastructure is available. Virtualization can keep applications running through server, storage and application server failures. Consolidating onto virtualized servers means less physical machines to restore. Virtual machine configurations stored in networked files can be restored quickly to another site in the case of a disaster – as a part of your business resilience plan. Storage virtualization allows you to restore to different device types without having to have a mirror image of all your expensive storage at a disaster recovery site.

Consolidation through virtualization

Virtualizing an infrastructure can help enable the flexible and dynamic delivery of shared IT resources as services. IBM virtualization and consolidation solutions can help organizations in doing more with fewer physical assets, reducing the energy demands of infrastructure while expanding capacity and enabling greater flexibility. Highly virtualized systems increase utilization of IT resources as well as improving service delivery speed, TCO, resiliency and flexibility. While cost is always important, virtualization also has the advantage of preparing the foundation for a truly dynamic infrastructure. IBM offers a variety of virtualization solutions from server, storage, network and application virtualization to workstations virtualization, and no other vendor has the breadth of offerings from services to software and systems.

Virtualization networking

With decades of experience in networking IT, IBM can help you position your network to better meet the high-availability, high-performance and security requirements you need for your virtualization initiatives. We help you understand, plan for and satisfy dynamic networking demands with a flexible, robust and resilient network design and implementation. IBM can help with the selection and implementation of the right technologies that help optimize your network cost effectively while also delivering improved performance.

Virtualization supports cloud computing

More and more organizations are viewing virtualization as an enabler to move from managing individual resources to managing resource pools as if they were a single server, storage device or application. Virtualization, together with a strong service management platform, can help lower the cost of adding more IT resources to the cloud.

Energy efficiency through virtualization

Optimizing the energy efficiency of the IT infrastructure requires a holistic approach that encompasses energy management, virtualization, IT and data center facility services, along with server and storage products that are designed to be green. Virtualization enables organizations to increase utilization rates of their computing resources while managing them in ways that offer more resource flexibility. IBM’s latest hardware and software solutions for virtualization, helps clients move toward a dynamic infrastructure that requires fewer physical servers, reduced energy demands, and expanded IT capacity.

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