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Consolidation through virtualization

The goal

Reduce cost and complexity and improve asset utilization

In today’s financial climate, cost efficiency is the top priority for the vast majority of organizations – and they are not just looking to drive down overall costs, but to use their available dollars more effectively. Examining IT infrastructure often reveals systems that are not performing up to expectations. Symptoms may be poor response times during peak periods, late orders, late delivery of applications and poor service. A dynamic infrastructure based on virtualization capabilities can help lower costs by reducing complexity, improving utilization and easing management through a common management platform and efficient tooling.

The advantage

Expanded capacity, greater flexibility

Virtualizing an infrastructure can help enable the flexible and dynamic delivery of shared IT resources as services. IBM virtualization and consolidation solutions can help organizations in doing more with fewer physical assets, reducing the energy demands of infrastructure while expanding capacity and enabling greater flexibility. Highly virtualized systems increase utilization of IT resources as well as improving service delivery speed, TCO, resiliency and flexibility. While cost is always important, virtualization also has the advantage of preparing the foundation for a truly dynamic infrastructure. IBM offers a variety of virtualization solutions from server, storage, network and application virtualization to workstations virtualization and no other vendor has the breadth of offerings from services to software and systems.

The benefits

Utilization and efficiency – a powerful combo

Virtualization offers a strategy for designing and evolving dynamic infrastructure that enables organizations to move beyond simply addressing the utilization challenges. Like any major paradigm shift in business, virtualization and consolidation have become a success because they deliver core practical benefits that drive business value by:

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