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Virtualization: An enabler for cloud computing

The goal

Rapid innovation for applications, services and service delivery

The days of a single, self-enclosed data center are gone. Companies with dynamic infrastructures easily source services across a value net of delivery providers, ranging from on-premise, to managed services, to cloud computing. Cloud computing delivers flexibility, ease of use and new economics for the consumer. For the provider, cloud computing improves service delivery by applying engineering discipline and economies of scale in an Internet inspired architecture.

The advantage

Unbounded scale and differentiated quality of service

More and more organizations are viewing virtualization as an enabler to move from managing individual resources to managing resource pools as if they were a single server, storage device or application. Virtualization, together with a strong service management platform, can help lower the cost of adding more IT resources to the cloud.

The benefits

Economies of scale and automated IT operations

Cloud computing can be an important new option in helping businesses optimize the IT expense equation while maintaining fast, high-quality service delivery. For example, a cloud-based solution can rapidly adjust the volume of users as workload increases or decreases resulting in a more flexible (typically on a usage basis) payment or internal chargeback for the services.

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IBM is uniquely positioned to help clients adopt cloud computing technology and management techniques to improve the efficiency and flexibility of their data centers. IBM has supported the evolution of cloud-delivered technology through numerous hardware, software and services offerings, and continuing investments in research and development. For more information:

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