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Virtualization infrastructure

Virtualization with Integrated Service Management. IDC Analyst paper: A Staged Approach to Virtualization Management. Read the analyst paper.

Virtualization infrastructure solutions

  • Server virtualization

    Improve utilization and efficiency in your virtual infrastructure by consolidating diverse workloads onto fewer physical servers, saving floor space, conserving energy and reducing management and maintenance overhead.

  • Make the most of your storage investments by improving utilization and increasing flexibility while simplifying storage management and resource allocation within the virtual infrastructure.

  • Application infrastructure virtualization

    Enable dynamic flexibility with middleware that automatically and efficiently reallocates resources as needed, seamlessly scaling capacity to support peaks in demand for applications and services.

  • Reduce the need for local desktop PC support and increase end-user productivity by creating highly secure virtual PCs that provide end users with a consistent desktop environment, flexible compute power, and access to their applications and data any time, anywhere.

  • Connect your physical and virtual assets with a network designed and optimized to support the higher performance and reliability demands of a virtual infrastructure.

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