IBM mainframes deliver trust in every transaction and interaction

How much more content, cloud subscriptions, apps and digital transactions will there be in 3 years? Predictions keep rising. As content, usage and apps grow, so do expectations for trusted reliability, speed, and security.

Trust is the new currency – and trusted companies outperform others by nearly 3x. To be trusted, you need to protect all data, have total visibility into transactions, develop with agility and deliver smarter experiences with cognitive insights. IBM mainframe technology builds and maintains trust with unmatched reliability, security and speed.

Trusted to:

The IBM mainframe is #1 for security

In the digital economy, you are either secure and encrypted, or you and your customers are exposed. Data breaches damage your reputation with your customers and now cost an average of $4M. IBM mainframes offer the world's best security and encryption commercially available. On an IBM mainframe, security is integrated to protect your data – and your business.

IBM Z mainframes are:

Your cloud is only as strong as the system it runs on

Make it mainframe strong. IBM Z fits perfectly into your public, private or hybrid cloud solution with industry-leading availability, security and performance. And yes, on the IBM mainframe you can leverage open source platforms for seamless integration from APIs to DevOps, from the cloud to the data centre.

What are the incomparable benefits for cloud integration on IBM Z?

Bring intelligence into every function of your business

Today, 80% of the worlds data is unsearchable, living in the enterprise behind the firewall on private infrastructures. Analytics and machine learning on IBM mainframes gives you real-time insights and the cognitive ability to anticipate needs. With IBM Z, you can extract hidden value from enterprise data – securely, in place and in real time. This means you can predict behaviour and customise interactions using the cognitive capabilities of the mainframe itself.

Transparency meets security with blockchain on mainframe

Distributed ledgers have emerged as a prerequisite for organisations that facilitate secure digital transactions. Take advantage of the cryptography, security and reliability of IBM Z for hosting your blockchain — while seamlessly integrating with the transactional data and systems already on the mainframe.

Gain the security, scale, availability and performance blockchain requires:

Why choose mainframe servers?

What will you do with Z?

Discover the power of the IBM mainframe to help you build trust and achieve business agility at every scale.