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Enterprise data continues to be a primary and critical data source for most, if not all, analytics initiatives. As data has proliferated, both inside and outside of an organisation’s four walls, deriving business insight has become increasingly more challenging. To meet this need, Machine Learning on Z enables users to exploit the power of Z to extract hidden value from large data volumes.

With the vast majority of an organisation’s most valuable asset, enterprise data, residing on Z it makes sense to locate your analytics there as well. Integrate transactional and historical data on a single platform, access additional data sources in-place, and provide real-time analytics and cognitive insights to help you outthink your competition.

Can real time insight cost less?

What if you could use Artificial Intelligence to revolutionise your analytics?

This is not science fiction, rather Machine Learning (ML), a type of AI, provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. If you have watched a movie on Netflix or purchased a product on Amazon, chances are ML was utilised to make specific product recommendations. This takes computing to the next level, beyond automating processes to enable organisation to deliver personalised offers and optimise customer interactions, augmenting your existing personnel.

What if you could analyse large volumes of data with no data movement, no security worries?

Your enterprise can enable real-time analytics by making all types of data…transactional, operational, social…accessible to your various lines of business. By exploiting in-memory computing, and leaving data in-place on its system of origin, you can build predictive behavioral models to deliver a differentiated customer experience. Continual update against larger and more current volumes of data results in greater quality and accuracy of your analytics.

Minimise the cost and complexity of analytics

See how Spark on Z can federate analytics across critical data and external data.

Make data simple and accessible with new technology for data driven analytics

What if you could provide a unique customer experience by analysing operational and transactional data with zero latency?

Did you know that data is perishable? The more recent your data, the more business valuable it holds. Imagine having access, in real time, to the most up-the-minute transactional and operational data, regardless of where it may reside. No latency for data access, whether internal or external to your infrastructure, enables you to reduce fraud, improve product recommendations, and provide exceptional customer service, all at the moment of impact.

Reduce latency and cost

What is the importance of real-time analytics

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The worlds’ fastest and most secure enterprise servers

The worlds’ fastest and most secure enterprise servers

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Transaction and hierarchical database management software

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z/OS platform solution for real time analysis with no data movement

z/OS platform solution for real time analysis with no data movement

Mission critical data storage

Mission critical data storage

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Instead of waiting for days or weeks for data to be loaded… we are seeing customers who want to do analytics real time on transactions that are being processed in the moment.

– Frank Fillmore, DB2 Gold Consultant, The Fillmore Group