Linux Consolidation on z Systems

Tuned to the task - Consolidation for Efficiency and Effectiveness

Linux Consolidation on z Systems offers a powerful solution to transform your IT economics

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Linux on IBM z Systems can help lower your IT costs with support for massive consolidation with ensured isolation and protection for up to hundreds of virtual Linux servers concurrently on one physical z Systems server.

Consolidation of x86/RISC server workloads, as well as new workload deployment onto Linux on z Systems provide impressive cost reduction opportunities in the areas of software licensing, administration and management efforts, business continuity and energy and space consumption.

IBM Enterprise Linux Server — Welcome to the Future of Linux Consolidation.

There’s no shortage of innovative ideas roaming the halls of most organisations — what’s lacking is a flexible infrastructure that can accommodate and drive new ways of thinking. That’s where the IBM® Enterprise Linux® Server — an integrated approach to Linux consolidation — comes in. With its unparalleled flexibility, you can centralize more servers, more workloads, more applications and more data. How?

To find out, read the IDC study and discover the benefits of migrating workloads to Linux on the IBM “cloud-ready” platform. It’s jam-packed with customer examples and IDC data. Be prepared to learn something new.

Bathwick Group: A foundation for database simplification consolidation and cost reduction (PDF, 218KB)

As the trend towards cloud-computing and the management of virtual servers as a pool of resources continues, organisations need to be aware that there is an alternative to filling your datacentres with blades.

Endress+Hauser maximises availability and resiliency with Linux on z Systems (PDF, 145KB)

Harness the cost-effectiveness and stability of Linux combined with the processing power of a mainframe.

Software Strategies: IBM Lotus Domino and Trend Micro ScanMail Now Best Practice Solution (PDF, 975KB)

Fully supported by leading server security software, the solution can scale to hundreds of thousands email users on a single, ultra-efficient z Systems server, at lowest overall TCO.

Server Consolidation with Linux (PDF, 3.88MB)

Consolidating your servers with Linux on z Systems can reduce cost, complexity, and time for systems management, while improving system reliability.

Enterprise Linux Consolidation and Optimisation on IBM z Systems

The opportunity exists to consolidate workloads onto more powerful systems, to reduce operational costs, and to improve scalability, availability, and reliability.

Watch this video series with IT Executives discussing their business situation, process of implementation, and solution benefits for Linux Consolidation on z Systems hosted at the New York Stock Exchange. In the video series, four customers discuss how they reached the decision to consolidate workloads on z Systems.

Consolidation Stories: Thought Leaders discuss Linux on System

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