Are you ready for billions of mobile transactions?

The speed and availability of mobile technology is challenging enterprises to keep pace by incorporating mobile services into their processes. The reality is that as mobile usage has evolved so has the need for much greater performance, a more secure infrastructure and more powerful insights for better decision making and improved enterprise mobility.

Deliver proven mobile integration with reliability, availability and security with IBM z Systems

IBM z Systems are built to meet the rigorous demands of enterprise mobility, providing you with solutions which can scale to handle unpredictable yet extreme transaction rates and volumes.

What's Possible Now

Explore mobility solutions for your enterprise

Build and deploy:

Improving mobile solution response and uptime

Create positive mobile experiences with mobile apps on IBM z, delivering sub-second response time, 100 percent uptime and flawless transactions.

Develop cost-effective, scalable and secure mobile applications on z13.

Build, enhance and continuously deliver mobile apps efficiently and effectively on the IBM MobileFirst Foundation.

Protect and manage:

Protection with the highest level of data security

Designed for the highest level of data security commercially available, IBM z Systems provide the computing infrastructure for the new app economy.

Protect your mobile environment with secure cloud-based mobile management for devices, applications, content management and enterprise app container capabilities.

Discover and reach applications and data on z/OS securely and quickly from mobile, web and cloud applications.

Engage customers in context:

Optimizing the customer experience

Keep your consumers engaged with powerful mobile app experiences that are intuitive and highly personalized, using location to your advantage.

Enhance your marketing strategy with intelligent location awareness to fuel engagement strategies and optimize the user experience.

Gain faster insights on your customers, business and systems, enabling decision making based on real-time analysis of current data.

Get insights into your customers behaviours with mobile analytics.

Transform the value chain:

Reducing costs and gaining competitive advantage

Gain a competitive advantage with a mobile strategy. Running mobile apps and your systems of record on the same platform can cost 40% less than exporting it onto distributed servers.

Take advantage of subject matter experts to help you with mobile solutions on the mainframe and accelerate the adoption of mobile applications

Realize the full potential of mobile by creating a successful mobile strategy aligned to your current or planned IT capabilities.

What's new:

Take an IBM Mobile Test Drive – at no cost to you

Book up to 2 weeks of on-site design and prototyping with IBM z Systems mobile product experts in this free of charge engagement.

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