The average cost of a data breach worldwide.

Are you protected from a costly data breach?

The most common method for authenticating users’ servers and systems is by the use of passwords or password phrases. Unfortunately, passwords can be compromised or shared. Users may select common passwords or write passwords down. For your most critical data and systems this is simply unacceptable.


Meet your solution for a layered defense.


IBM Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS (IBM MFA) raises the level of assurance of mission-critical systems with a flexible and tightly integrated solution. IBM MFA for z/OS and the RACF security server infrastructure creates a layered defense by requiring selected z/OS users to log on with more than one authentication factor including something they know, such as a password phrase or something they have such as an ID badge or cryptographic token device and PIN.


Consider the benefits


Not locked to particular authentication factors

Ease of compliance

Audits which factors are used during the authentication process

Ease of use

Fast, deeply integrated, easy to deploy, manage, and use.

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Software requirements

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