Why z/OS?

The challenges for companies are becoming more complex as they must meet the demands of the new era of digital business, while sustaining the high qualities of service their customers expect.

IBM z/OS is a trusted and resilient platform designed to support customers' most mission critical work while meeting stringent service levels. Supporting the world's leading banks, financial services companies, healthcare organisations, governments and more, z/OS is continuously enhanced to deliver more for cognitive computing, hybrid cloud technology and security – and new initiatives for machine learning.

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What’s possible with z/OS? A next generation infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud

Transform from an IT cost centre to a value-generating service provider, delivering world-class services on-premises or off-premises.

Cognitive computing

Minimise the cost and complexity of analytics by accessing your enterprise data “in-place” with minimal data duplication or data movement.


Protect your customer data, intellectual property, and your reputation with a deeply integrated security stack which offers layers of defense.

z/OS brought us many benefits – all critical to making our environment run smoothly and deliver the service our users depend on.


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