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IBM zEnterprise System

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At the core of the zEnterprise System is the next generation mainframe – the z196. The new server is one of the industry’s fastest and most scalable enterprise system. To support a workload optimised system, the z196 can scale up (over 52,000 MIPS in a single footprint), scale out (80 configurable cores) and scale within (specialty engines, cryptographic processors, hypervisors) executing in an environmentally friendly footprint. And the z196 is designed to work together with system software, middleware and storage to be the most robust and cost effective data server.

The z196 offers a total of 96 cores running at an astonishing 5.2 GHz and delivering up to 40 percent improvement in performance per core and up to 60 percent increase in total capacity for z/OS, z/VM, and Linux on System z workloads, compared to it's predecessor, the successful z10 EC. The z196 has up to 80 configurable cores for client use. The cores can be configured as general purpose processors (CPs), IFLs, zAAPs, zIIPs, additional System Assist Processors (SAPs), Internal Coupling Facilities (ICFs) or used as additional spares.

This design offering increased capacity and number of available processor cores per server and reduced energy usage and floor space, makes the z196 a perfect fit for large-scale consolidation. The virtualisation capabilities can support up to 50 distributed servers on a single core, up to thousands on a single system. For Linux workloads, up to 60 percent more performance at 35 percent lower price delivering a virtual Linux server for under $1 day (based on an IBM Study, US ELS pricing, pricing may vary by country).

System z security is one of the many reasons why some of the world’s top banks and retailers rely on the IBM mainframe to help secure sensitive business transactions. Support for the next generation of public key technologies is available with ECC. ECC is ideal for constrained environments such as mobile devices. The z196 also offers support for key ANSI and ISO standards for the banking and finance industry. The z196 is designed for Common Criteria EAL5 certification for security of logical partitions (LPARs).

As environmental concerns raise the focus on energy consumption, z196 offers a holistic focus on the environment. New efficiencies enable a dramatic reduction of energy usage and floor space when consolidating workloads from distributed servers. For organisations looking to build green data centres, optional water cooling and high-voltage dc power allow a bold step into the future of cooler computing without changing the footprint.

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Value of the IBM® zEnterprise™ 196

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