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What is your cognitive business challenge?

The new generation of the mainframe and the IBM z enterprise solutions enable you to create outstanding customer experiences through mobile and analytics, deliver agility and efficiency through cloud, and ensure always on service and data protection.

92 of the largest 100 banks
run on IBM z

One IBM z mainframe can
run 2.5 billion transactions
a day

The 10 largest insurance companies trust IBM z

IBM z Systems are designed
to deliver 100% uptime

23 of the top 25 US retailers
run on IBM z

World Inside z Systems: Analytics (YouTube, 00:01:33)  

World Inside z Systems: Analytics


Real time analytics

IBM z Systems can help you compete in the Cognitive era. Gain faster customer insights, business insights and systems insights with decisions based on real-time analysis of current data delivered on an analytics platform designed for availability, optimised for flexibility, and engineered with the highest levels of security.

Business Agility with Cloud and IBM z Systems (YouTube, 00:01:43)  

Business Agility with Cloud and IBM z Systems


Hybrid cloud

Cloud is helping businesses deliver unprecedented levels of agility for quicker time to market and richer customer experiences. But not all cloud infrastructures are equal. IBM z is the world's leading cloud platform for enterprise transactions, systems of record and application workloads.

Redefine mobile apps: IBM MobileFirst and IBM z Systems (YouTube, 00:02:40)  

Redefine mobile apps: IBM MobileFirst and IBM z Systems


Enterprise mobility

Over 10 billion mobile devices are accessing information. IBM z Systems is able to scale to handle the huge number of often unpredictable transaction rates and volumes. IBM z delivers proven mobile integration with 100% uptime and the world’s best security for better client experiences.

IBM z13 mainframe: The new possible (YouTube, 00:35:29)  

IBM z13 mainframe: The new possible


Enterprise security

IBM z Systems mainframes are the world’s most secure servers for business and deliver the highest level of data security commercially available. IBM z offers built-in enterprise security capabilities to simplify complex operational security processes.

IBM z Systems

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Customer success

Why IBM z Systems?

Forward-thinking organisations exploit IBM z Systems to build greater business value, reduce cost and create competitive advantage by providing fast, reliable, and continuous service.

Kenya Power is using z Systems to increase access to energy by 50%

Citi relies on IBM z to process around 150,000 transactions per second

The world’s largest retailer uses IBM z to serve 250 million people a week


Delivers multichannel retailing to digital

Met Office

Processes 10 million daily weather observations faster and more accurately

White Cube

Benefits of moving from an x86 to an Enterprise Linux Server based on IBM zEnterprise technology.


Redefines travel commerce


Processes more than 150 million transactions a day and is fully operational 99.999 percent of the time.

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