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The new IBM® Flex System® X6 Compute Node portfolio includes the two-socket x280 X6, the four-socket x480 X6 and the industry’s first eight-socket blade server using Intel® Xeon® processors1—the x880 X6. Featuring exclusive IBM X-Architecture® innovations and the latest Xeon E7 v2 processors, applications can run up to 100 percent faster than a previous generation four-socket system using the x480 X6 and up to 300 percent faster using the x880 X62. Scale up easily to four- or eight-sockets as your workload demands change. And maximise uptime with advanced resiliency—so your organisation can achieve the full potential of your business-critical applications, implement large virtual machines or run sizeable in-memory databases with greater performance, agility and resiliency.

IBM Flex System X6 Compute Nodes help deliver better performance and more cost-effective results with:

  • About SAP and IBM X6

    Kyle Garman of SAP talks about X6 technology and how together, IBM and SAP provide best-in-class solutions.

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1 Based on details on www.hp.com, www.dell.com and www.cisco.com as of March 31, 2014

2 100 and 300 percent performance improvement is based on preliminary projected results of SPECint*_rate_base2006, SPECfp*_rate_base2006, plus performance gains from eXFlash DIMM storage. SPEC benchmark results will be available at www.spec.org after 5/13/14. 100 percent configuration: x480 X6 Compute Node using four Intel Xeon processor E7-4890 v2 vs. 4-socket server using four previous top-of-the-line E7-4870 (v1) processors. 300 percent configuration: x880 X6 Compute Node using eight Intel Xeon processor E7-4890 v2 vs. 4-socket server using four previous top-of-the-line E7-4870 (v1) processors. In addition, a performance increase is expected for the x280 X6 based on preliminary testing.

3 Laboratory testing shows eXFlash DIMMs can deliver 3 times lower latency (<5 microsecond) than PCIe based flash (15-19us).

4 Based on a comparison using the IBM Virtualisation Sizing Guide method. The BladeCenter HX5 with two E7-2870 processors and 512 GB of memory (16 x 32GB DIMMs) supports 32 VMs for conservative consolidation and 133 VMs for aggressive consolidation. The Flex System x280 X6 supports 57 VMs for conservative consolidation and 148 VMs for aggressive consolidation using two E7-2890 v2 processors and 512 GB of memory (16 x 32GB DIMMs). Upgrading the x280 X6 to 1 TB yields 241 VMs for aggressive consolidation.

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