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IBM Solid State Drives


IBM SSDs leverage nonvolatile flash memory rather than spinning magnetic media to store data. Designed for enterprise blades and servers, the SSDs leverage IBM’s extensive history of meeting enterprise customer expectations in product development, qualification and ongoing support on a worldwide basis. IBM offers some of the highest quality enterprise storage devices for enterprise computing environments.

IBM SSDs deliver the performance, power, size and reliability required for IBM BladeCenter and System x application servers, including eXFlash for the IBM eX5 platforms. For cost-effective reliability and endurance, they support MLC technology. With up to 200 GB capacity in a 1.8 inch form factor, this powerful drive provides data loss protection upon power failure. IBM SSDs offer the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) interface.

Product features

Hardware summary

IBM Solid-State Drives:

Feature Benefits
MLC Technology
SSD Flash controller
Power loss data protection

IBM SSDs at a glance

Capacity 200 GB 50 GB
Interface SATA SATA
Max. performance, random Read/Write input/output operations per second (lOPS)
Peak 30,000/20,000 30,000/20,000
Form factor 1.8" 1.8", 2.5"

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