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Juniper Networks EX4500 10 GbE Switch

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In today’s virtualised data centre, 70 percent of server network traffic travels in the east-to-west direction. This places a new design requirement on network engineers. Stacking technologies do not address the bandwidth requirements that are needed within a high performance computing (HPC) environment. To solve this problem, network designers turn to the Juniper Networks EX4500 10 GbE Switch.

The Juniper Networks EX4500 simplifies your network design in an increasingly complex virtualised data centre. It is positioned for top-of-rack applications with sizable east/west virtual machine (VM) server traffic and data centre environments that desire an easy/non-disruptive migration path from 1 GbE to 10 GbE while maintaining the manageability of a single switch.

It is a 40-port 10 GbE small form factor pluggable (SFP+) switch with server-friendly airflow options that include front-to-back and back-to-front air flow. As your network grows, it supports field-installable expansion modules (two of them) that each hold four ports of 10 GbE SFP+, increasing the switch’s capacity to a maximum of 48 ports of 10 GbE. Operating at wire speed, the EX4500 switches deliver 714 Mpps throughput and a data rate of 960 Gb per second (Gbps) (full duplex) for both Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols. The EX4500 is also environmentally conscious, drawing less than 8 W per port under maximum load.

Its most significant feature is the standard 128 Gb VC Module. It is purpose-built to simplify the design of networking your virtualised servers. The 128 Gb VC module delivers exceptional performance for east-west direct-attached IBM servers, eliminating the need for an aggregation network tier. This capacity greatly exceeds the capacity of most currently marketed solutions. The VC module enables simultaneous connectivity to another EX4500 and up to eight IBM J48E 1 GbE switches. This provides a price-optimised solution for 1 GbE and 10 GbE server connectivity and an easy migration path to 10 GbE while maintaining a single-switch presence.

Product features

Hardware summary

Feature Benefits
Simplifies data centre networking
Virtualises the data centre
Excellent performance and availability in a compact, 2U form factor
Lowers total cost of ownership (TCO)
Carrier-class Operating System
IBM warranty

Form factor 2U
Dimensions (WxHxD) (W×H×D) 17.3 in.×3.4 in.×21 in. (43.9 cm×8.6 cm×50.2 cm)
1000BASE-X (SFP) Port Densities 40×1000BASE-X SFP ports in base unit; 48 total with optional uplink modules
10GBASE-X Port Densities 40×10 GbE in base unit; 48 total with optional uplink modules
VC Two VC ports or eight SFP+ LAGs; single-switch management across VC; up to two EX4500 or up to eight J48E and two EX4500 per VC
Backplane speed 128 Gbps (VC)
Data rate 960 Gbps
Throughput 714 Mpps
Latency 2.7 µsec
Switching and Routing Features (Highlights)
MAC Addresses 2,4000
Jumbo Frames 9,216 bytes
IPv4 Unicast/Multicast Routes 8,000/2,000
Number of VLANs 4,096
ARP Entries 8,000
QoS Queues/Port Eight
Routing Optional SW (Open shortest path first (OSPF)v3, IPv6, Border gateway protocol (BGP), MLDv2, ISIS, RIP, VRRP, BFD)
DCB/CEE Supported
Management 1×10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ-45 port, console port
Resiliency Standard single AC power, optional dual-internal load-sharing AC power supplies; redundant variable-speed fans
Air flow Two models: front-to-back airflow and back-to-front airflow
Rack-mount kits Two post kit is included with each switch, upgrades include a four post rack-mount kit for a standard rack and an IBM System x iDataPlex rack-mount kit
Power options Autosensing; 110/220 V ac; 60/50 Hz
Operating System Juniper Networks JUNOS software
Warranty IBM three year next business day, includes software fixes and telephone support

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