IBM System x iDataPlex

Right-size your large-scale data centre

IBM System x iDataPlex, a large-scale solution, can help you face constraints in power, cooling or physical space. The innovative design of the iDataPlex solution integrates Intel® processor-based processing into the node, rack and data centre for power and cooling efficiencies, and required compute density.

Highlights include:

IBM Intelligent Cluster

IBM Intelligent Cluster integrated solutions are built on the highly innovative IBM System x rack, BladeCenter and iDataPlex servers. Whether you are building a small departmental cluster or a super computer, IBM’s broad portfolio of server solutions can be optimised to meet client-specific requirements.

IBM System x GPFS Storage Server (GSS)

The GSS is a new high capacity, high performance storage solution, fulfilled exclusively through the IBM® Intelligent Cluster. GSS is an integrated system that leverages a strong General Parallel File System (GPFS) software market by utilising a building block approach to create highly scalable storage for use in a broad range of application environments such as engineering, research and education.

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Lenovo acquires IBM x86 systems

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