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Complex solutions – made simple by IBM

Deploying solutions for Technical Computing, High Performance Computing (HPC), Analytics and Cloud environments can place a significant burden on IT. Intelligent Cluster leverages decades of IBM experience to reduce the complexity of deployment with pre-integrated, delivered and fully-supported solutions that match best-in-industry components with optimised solution design. With IBM Intelligent Cluster, clients can focus their efforts on maximising business value, instead of consuming valuable resources to design, optimise, install and support the infrastructure required to meet business demands.

Best-of-industry technology, optimised solution design

Intelligent Cluster solutions feature leading-edge IBM System x servers, storage, software and third-party components that allow for a wide choice of technology within an integrated, delivered solution. IBM thoroughly tests and optimises each solution for reliability, interoperability and maximum performance, so clients can quickly deploy the system and get to work achieving their business goals.

Increase results through automation and built-in intelligence

Clients are expanding the use of Technical Computing and HPC to solve complex problems at a smaller scale and smaller organisations typically lack the dedicated resources needed to deploy and manage cluster systems effectively. As an integral part of the IBM Intelligent Cluster portfolio, the IBM Platform HPC comprehensive management solution lets clients quickly put the system to work with minimal effort and skill. Platform HPC optimises resources automatically to maximise utilisation and the easy-to-use web-based tools make application deployment and ongoing management simple.

End-to-end solutions with end-to-end support by IBM

Intelligent Cluster solutions are built, tested, delivered and installed by IBM and supported as a single solution instead of being treated as hundreds of individual components. IBM provides single point of contact (SPOC), solution-level support that includes both IBM and third-party components to deliver maximum system availability throughout the life of the system, so clients can spend less time maintaining systems and more time delivering results.

Systems IBM NeXtScale System: nx360 M4
IBM Flex System: x220, x240, x440 compute nodes
Blade servers: HX5, HS23
Enterprise servers: x3850 X5, x3690 X5
iDataPlex servers: dx360 M4
Rack servers: x3550 M4, x3630 M4, x3650 M4, x3750 M4, x3650 M4 HD
Interconnects Ethernet Switches IBM System Networking, Brocade, Cisco, Mellanox, Edgecore
Ethernet Adapters Chelsio, Mellanox, Emulex, Intel®
InfiniBand Switches and Adapters Mellanox, Intel
Fibre Channel (FC) Brocade, Emulex, Intel
Infiniband to Ethernet Gateway Mellanox
External storage
Storage systems System Storage DS5020, DS5100, DS5300, DS3950, DS3500, DS3512, DS3524, IBM Storwize V3700
Storage expansion EXP5000 Storage Expansion Unit; EXP 2512 Storage Expansion Unit; EXP 2524 Storage Expansion Unit; EXP 520 Storage Expansion Unit; EXP 395 Storage Expansion Unit
Original equipment manufacturer(OEM) storage solutions DDN SFA 12000 InfiniBand (60 and 84 drive enclosures)
DDN SFA 7700 Hybrid Flash Appliance
Rackmount Flash storage products IBM FlashSystem RamSan 720 and 820
System x storage solution IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS) Storage Server: GSS24 and GSS26
Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) NVIDIA: Quadro 5000, Tesla K10, Tesla M2070Q, Tesla M2090, Tesla K20, Tesla K20X
Co-processors Intel Xeon® Phi 5110P
OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux® (RHEL); SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
Cluster management software IBM Platform HPC; IBM Platform Cluster Manager; xCAT (Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit); Moab Adaptive HPC Suite; Moab Adaptive Computing Suite; IBM GPFS for Linux; IBM LoadLeveler; IBM Parallel Environment
Rack cabinets
5000 42U Rack Cabinet 79.5" H x 25.2" W x 43.3" D (2020 mm x 640 mm x 1100 mm); 574.2 lbs (261 kg)*
5000 25U Rack Cabinet 49.0" H x 23.8" W x 39.4" D (1344 mm x 605 mm x 1001 mm); 221 lbs (100.2 kg)*
iDataPlex 100U Rack Cabinet 82.4" H x 48.6" W x 33.2" D (2093 mm x 1235 mm x 844 mm); 385 lbs (174.6 kg)
Power and cooling Calibrated Vectored Cooling, energy-efficient power supplies, low-voltage processors, IBM Power Configurator, Thermal Diagnostics
Scalability One management node is required and one redundant management node for failover is optional. A minimum of two and a maximum of 1,024 managed nodes are supported (optional software may limit supported nodes). This total can include up to 64 storage nodes. The maximum configuration is 1,026 nodes including compute, storage and management nodes. Larger configurations are available through a special bid process
Warranty 3-year parts, customer replaceable unit (CRU) or on-site labour, limited warranty, with individual nodes retaining the warranty and service upgrade offerings for that IBM machine type; optional warranty service upgrades

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Lenovo acquires IBM x86 systems

These IBM x86 products are now products of Lenovo in the United Kingdom and other countries. IBM will host x86-related content on until migrated to Lenovo. During the transition, please interpret references to IBM in relation to transitioned products as Lenovo.


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