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When you need to run more iterations, simulations, analysis and get business results sooner. When you have either big data and/or compute-intensive problems to solve. You need to maximise the potential of your computing power and the supporting infrastructure to accelerate your applications at scale, extract insight from your data, and make better decisions faster. You need IBM Platform Computing high-performance, low-latency systems management solutions and services to pool your technical computing resources, manage them efficiently across multiple groups and get the most out of your IT investment. Now even faster, with enhanced security, more flexibility and scale to over 150,000 cores, IBM can help you optimise and manage your first departmental cluster through highly secure multi-site grids and HPC clouds. Learn more by reading the IBM Platform Computing Brochure (PDF, 779KB)


Featured Case Studies

Red Bull Technology races forward with HPC. Watch the video.

Red Bull Technology
Though Red Bull Technology had made hefty investments in IT, the compute resources were operating below its full potential. Platform LSF intelligently scheduled workload and dynamically allocated resources which helped increase performance and throughput by more than 20 percent.

Swift Engineering: More projects with greater efficiency. Watch the video.

Swift Engineering
Swift Engineering wanted a solution where they spent more time solving complex problems than administering the system. Cray’s CX 1000 combined with Platform HPC allowed Swift to solve bigger problems with more enhanced graphics with real time speed.

  • The community speaks...

    “The Platform Computing partnership goes from strength to strength year on year.”

    - Steve Nevey, Business Development Manager - Red Bull Technology

    “Platform Computing came to us as a true innovation partner, not a supplier of technology, but a partner who was able to understand our problems and provide appropriate solutions to us, and work with us to continuously improve the performance of our system.”

    - Steve Nevey, Business Development Manager, Red Bull Technology

    “One of Platform Computing’s strengths is its support team which you don’t necessarily get with those from other companies. We can turn to Platform Computing for help when something doesn’t work and they are very responsive, no matter the time of the day.”

    - Nathan Sykes, CFD Team Leader, Red Bull Technology

    “Platform LSF was the perfect fit for our user community. Not only did it make it incredibly easy to move and schedule jobs, but it also meant that we could very quickly increase the utilisation of new resources as and when they were needed. This could be up to as much as 100 per cent in just five or six weeks.”

    - Dr. Marek Michalewicz, Director of computational research centre, A*Star

    “Platform LSF is the scheduler of choice for many organisations in Singapore, so we were aware of the benefits it could offer to A*STAR.”

    - Dr. Marek Michalewicz, Director of computational research centre, A*Star

    "With Platform HPC, the master node is aware of resource demands of the jobs queued and what each node is doing. It will power down those nodes not being used, aside from keeping about 5-10 percent available at all times. When usage increases, the master node powers on what’s needed within a couple minutes."

    - Chris Collins, Head of Research and Specialist Computing Support, University of East Anglia