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From improving risk analysis to shortening product development cycles or simulating the behavior of materials at nanoscale, these seemingly different goals have something in common – the need to model, forecast, and analyse complex relationships. These tasks tend to be data – and computationally-intensive, requiring infrastructure that is up to the challenge. IBM Technical Computing systems – ranging from departmental clusters through supercomputers, high-performance storage, intuitive management software, and pre-integrated solutions have been optimised to perform this type of work – efficiently and cost-effectively. Helping clients achieve better results faster.

The Challenge

The increase in big data and computational requirements is expanding the need for high performance technical computing solutions in the commercial environment. Unlike universities and research labs, most companies do not have adequate resources or budget to build-out a high performance computing (HPC) environment on their own. What is needed is a trusted partner and simplified solutions that make IT easy to deploy and manage an agile high performance infrastructure. Systems, software and solutions that can scale to meet your business demands and lower costs.

The Solution

IBM has long been a leading supplier of supercomputers, and now IBM has broadened its portfolio with new products, solutions and services for customers with smaller-scale technical computing needs. Bolstered by strategic acquisitions and internal development, IBM is toppling traditional barriers to technical computing. For example:

IBM Application Ready Solutions for Technical Computing (US) take the guess work and complexity out of deploying and managing high-performance clusters. Integrated and optimised with leading ISVs in automotive, aerospace, computational chemistry, higher education, government, life sciences, petroleum, and telecommunication industries, and backed by reference architectures, IBM simplifies the complex, helping you reduce risk, and accelerate your time to value.

IBM System x® technical and HPC solutions (US) can help accelerate computational fluid dynamics, crash simulation, seismic processing, image comparison and complex price modeling. New IBM NeXtScale System™ provides the ultimate high performance x86 system with modular flexibility and scalability ranging from single servers through complete clusters and containers, enhanced delivers density and performance utilising the latest Intel® Xeon® processors with your choice of graphics processing units (GPUs) or co-processors, and IBM Intelligent Cluster™ provides easy to order, easy to install pre-integrated clusters featuring the latest IBM and 3rd party technologies. Collectively, IBM offers affordable, robust x86 systems, options, and workload management that can help you improve productivity and time to market.

IBM Power Systems™ offer a winning range of successful supercomputers and scale-out technical computing solutions. From IBM Blue Gene®/Q – the #1 large-scale data analytics system and one of the fastest and most energy-efficient supercomputers in the world, to high performance clusters based on IBM Power 730 or IBM PowerLinux™ 7R2 systems, Power Systems provide solutions proven to give the competitive edge to business and research organisations.

IBM Flex Systems™ enables you to combine leading-edge Power7+™ and x86 compute nodes with integrated storage, networking, and workload management in a highly dense, scalable blade system for maximum flexibility and efficiencies.

Through cutting-edge research projects and continuous product development, IBM Smarter Storage for technical Computing (US) provides fast access to data with multi-tiered, high-performance storage, optimised for cost and performance efficiencies. This portfolio includes IBM General Parallel File Systems (GPFS™) – the leading commercial parallel file system, IBM DCS3700 – high-performance midrange block storage, new IBM FlashSystems, IBM Linear Tape Library, and breakthrough IBM System x GPFS Storage Server, offering a high-performance, scalable building-block approach to modern storage needs.

IBM Platform Computing high-performance, low latency systems management solutions and services can help pool your technical computing resources, manage them efficiently across multiple clusters, grids or HPC clouds and get the most out of your IT investments. With a broad suite of powerful and intuitive workload and resource optimisation tools, designed to work together seamlessly, Platform Computing software will help simplify the deployment, optimisation and management of your high-performance infrastructure.

IBM Systems, integrated with IBM Platform Computing or powerful IBM HPC Software tools including Engineering & Scientific Subroutine Libraries (US), IBM Parallel Environment (US), xCAT (US), offer extreme performance and simplified management for your most demanding applications and HPC workloads. Let's help you build a high-performance infrastructure.

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