Critical Storage Capability

One challenge for businesses today is how to support growth of existing business critical applications, stay current with vital new technologies such as encryption, implement hybrid cloud strategies, and stay within limited budgets. Replacing your existing storage isn’t an option but a mix of different capabilities on heterogeneous storage systems also limits your options.

IBM storage virtualisation solutions built with IBM Spectrum Virtualise™ software are the answer. They deliver critical storage functions like encryption and data reduction together with hybrid cloud capability that all work in a consistent manner across new and existing storage. You can enhance the storage you already have to meet new demands while keeping new investment under control.

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Modernise storage to revitalise your existing investment

IBM Storwize family

Highly efficient all-flash and hybrid storage with common functionality, management and mobility extending to heterogeneous storage.

IBM SAN Volume Controller

Consistent software-defined storage capability for heterogeneous new and existing storage for greater flexibility and lower costs.

IBM Spectrum Virtualise

Efficiency and flexibility for private- and hosted-private clouds and an essential building block for disaster recovery as a service.

IBM Spectrum Virtualise for Public Cloud

Replication or migration between on-premises and IBM Cloud for data on heterogeneous storage systems.