IBM Linear Tape File System

Allows users and applications direct access to files and directories stored on tape


IBM Linear Tape File System (LTFS) provides an easy to use GUI that enables you to automatically move infrequently accessed data from disk to tape without the need for proprietary tape applications. Only IBM offers four options for managing your digital files with LTFS: Single Drive Edition, Library Edition, Storage Manager and Enterprise Edition. Implementing LTFS Enterprise Edition allows you to replace disk with tape for tiered storage – and lower your storage TCO by over 50 percent.

Cost-effective long term storage. Build the foundation of an affordable and effective archiving strategy with LFTS. Get the IDC paper.

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Simplify your tape storage

Scalable, direct access to your critical data

Reduce your data archiving costs

Easily replace Tier 2 and Tier 3 disks with tape

IBM Linear Tape File System editions

IBM LTFS Single Drive Edition

Access and manage all data in standalone tape environments as simply as if it were on disk

IBM LTFS Library Edition

Enable easy-as-disk access to single or multiple cartridges in a tape library

IBM LTFS Storage Manager

Enable directory-structure file man-agement of both online and offline files in IBM tape libraries

IBM LTFS Enterprise Edition

Improve efficiency and reduce costs for long-term, tiered storage


Change the way audio and video content is recorded and transmitted.

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