IBM Spectrum Scale

Use software-defined storage to manage unstructured data for cloud, big data, analytics and more

IBM Spectrum Scale is a proven, scalable, high-performance data and file management solution (based upon IBM General Parallel File System or GPFS technology, also formerly known as code name Elastic Storage) that's being used extensively across multiple industries worldwide. IBM Spectrum Scale provides simplified data management and integrated information lifecycle tools capable of managing petabytes of data and billions of files, in order to manage the growing cost of dealing with ever increasing amounts of data.

IBM Spectrum Scale is part of IBM’s market-leading Software Defined Storage family and is available in multiple ways:

IBM Spectrum Scale provides world-class storage management with extreme scalability, flash accelerated performance, and automatic policy-based storage tiering from flash through disk to tape, reducing storage costs up to 90% while improving security and management efficiency in cloud, big data & analytics environments.

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The Challenge

Today’s never ending data growth is challenging traditional storage and data management solutions. New applications are generating massive amounts of unstructured data such as video, audio and text files, and data must be managed across standard and new cloud platforms. Being able to balance traditional workloads with new workloads and data types puts pressure on IT and storage administrators to deliver application performance and reduce data access bottlenecks that delay schedules and waste expensive resources.

The Solution

IBM Spectrum Scale removes data related bottlenecks by providing parallel access to data, eliminating single filer choke points or hot spots. IBM Spectrum Scale also simplifies data management at scale by providing a single namespace that can be scaled simply, quickly, and infinitely by simply adding more scale-out resources − eliminating “filer sprawl” and its associated headaches.

IBM offers you the choice of how to deploy Spectrum Scale to meet your needs. As a software defined storage solution, it runs on a wide range of platforms. As an integrated storage system, it offers ease of deployment and management, and a building block approach to scalability, with linear scaling in capacity and throughput to meet growing demands. With IBM Spectrum Scale cloud services, we give you the flexibility to deploy a hybrid cloud solution, to easily meet additional resource demands without the cost of purchasing or managing in-house infrastructure, minimising administrative burden and quickly addressing evolving business needs.

IBM Spectrum Scale empowers geographically distributed organisations by expanding that single global namespace − literally globally − by placing critical data close to everyone and everything that needs it, no matter where they are in the world. Speeding data access to stakeholders around the world accelerates schedules and improves productivity.

IBM Spectrum Scale management and data lifecycle automation bridges the gaping data growth - budget chasm, bringing storage costs into line. As part of IBM’s Spectrum Storage family, it is integrated with IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly known as Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) or IBM Spectrum Archive (formerly known as Linear Tape File System (LTFS). IBM Spectrum Scale can uniquely manage the full data life cycle, delivering geometrically lower cost savings through policy driven automation and tiered storage management.