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IBM Spectrum Protect simplifies data protection, whether your data is hosted in physical, virtual, software-defined or cloud environments. This software can help protect data on systems of all sizes, from a single point of control.

With IBM Spectrum Protect solutions, you can choose the right software to manage and protect your data—while also simplifying backup administration, improving efficiency, delivering scalable capacity and enabling advanced backup and recovery capabilities.

See how Spectrum Protect can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your data is safe.

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Trusted backup and recovery software solutions

  • Simplify backup and recovery with a self-service restore portal and interfaces for VMware administrators
  • Reduce backup infrastructure costs by up to 53 percent with proven, built-in efficiency capabilities
  • Choose the right mix of storage media to optimise backups, including disk, cloud, tape and object storage
  • optimise data protection for virtual and software-defined environments, core applications and critical workstations
  • Protect data with policy-based multi-site replication and flexible restore capabilities
  • Help control storage management costs with ease-of-use features and unified recovery management across the entire enterprise

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Why buy IBM Spectrum Protect?

  • Backups can be managed by IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Centre or VMware vCenter
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Centre delivers breakthrough visibility and ease of use, reducing the level of expertise required
  • Restores are simplified with a self-service restore portal, and with item-level and near-instant recovery for virtual machines and for Linux and Microsoft Windows servers and workstations
  • IBM Spectrum Protect can help save up to 53 percent in backup infrastructure costs through storage media, backup server, data centre floor space, power or cooling savings
  • IBM solutions are designed to benefit the virtualisation and backup teams with data protection visibility, control and automation
  • Essential disaster-recovery capabilities are built in and are ready to use and flexible backup and recovery functions simplify common restore requests

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
VMware Hyper-V Auto-discovery of new virtual machines
  • Helps ensure that all data in the virtualised environment is protected
Self-service restore portal
  • Enables data, server and application owners to easily recover their data
Item-level recovery
  • Enables fast recovery of individual files, Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, emails, and Microsoft SQL Server databases
Application-consistent backup and recovery
  • Helps ensure complete application backups and simplifies restore processes
Copy management
  • Enables a single virtual-machine snapshot to be used for data recovery, testing, development, etc.
Integration with hardware snapshots
  • Enables faster snapshots with less impact on application performance
Incremental “forever” backups
  • Reduces the need for extra backup system capacity
Data deduplication
  • Enables high-performance space reduction on the virtual machine or backup server
Nondisruptive, single-pass backups
  • Help increase application performance during backups
Agentless support
  • Helps simplify deployment
Tape support
  • Helps reduce costs for long-term storage
Instant access/instant restore
  • Helps reduce the user impact during virtual machine restores
Single-pass, full datastore recovery
  • Provides near-instant recovery of an entire datastore, including all virtual machines


IBM Spectrum Protect at a glance

Backup server components

  • IBM Spectrum Protect—Automates data backup and restore functions, supports a broad range of platforms and storage devices, reduces the data storage footprint and maintains a catalog of protected data
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Extended Edition—Adds disaster-recovery management, node replication, network data management protocol (NDMP) backup and large tape library support
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Centre—Provides an at-a-glance view of the IBM Spectrum Protect environment, which simplifies reporting and enables faster problem resolution; included with IBM Spectrum Protect
  • IBM Spectrum Protect High Speed Data Transfer—Improves throughput over high latency, high-packet-loss wide area networks
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Data Retention—Enables long-term record retention with flexible hold and release processing
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for SAN—Enables SAN-attached IBM Spectrum Protect servers and user systems to use Fibre Channel connections to storage systems for data backup
  • Front-safe Cloud Portal—Enables multi-tenancy, on-boarding, and billing for IBM Spectrum Protect
  • Rocket Servergraph Professional—Provides real-time information about multi-vendor backup environments with reports, alerts and monitoring

Backup agent for virtual environments and core applications—Enables high-performance, online backups and flexible restores, which can increase application availability

  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments—Works with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual servers and hosted applications
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Mail—Works with IBM Domino® and Microsoft Exchange
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Databases—Works with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server; IBM DB2® and IBM Informix® include IBM Spectrum Protect backup agents
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Enterprise Resource Planning—Works with SAP and SAP HANA
  • DocAve Backup and Restore for Microsoft SharePoint Backup—Works with Microsoft SharePoint
  • OpenStack IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager backup driver—Included in OpenStack distribution

Snapshot management

  • IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot—Enables application-aware, virtual machine-aware, hardware-assisted snapshot backup and recovery management for most major IBM and non-IBM storage systems
  • Rocket Device Adapter Pack for IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy® Manager—Expands IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot platform support to include several EMC, Hitachi and HP storage devices and NetApp clusters connected to UNIX servers

Bare machine recovery and recovery simulators

  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for System Backup and Recovery—Offers a comprehensive system backup, restore and reinstallation tool with bare-metal restore capabilities for IBM AIX®
  • Cristie Bare Machine Recovery software for Tivoli Storage Manager, TBMR—Provides rapid recovery from IBM Spectrum Protect backups, without having to perform any other backup of the operating system files
  • Recovery Simulator for TBMR—Tests whether a machine can be successfully recovered from backups created by Cristie TBMR and IBM Spectrum Protect
  • Recovery Simulator for Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments—Tests whether a machine can be successfully recovered from backups created by Cristie TBMR and IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments

Continuous data protection

  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Workstations—Provides continuous, automated backup of desktop and laptop workstations running Windows operating systems

Hierarchical space management (HSM)—Enables policy-based migration of inactive data to tape, leaving the directory structure on disk so users don’t have to change the way they access their files

  • IBM Spectrum Protect HSM for Windows—Works with Windows data
  • IBM Spectrum Protect for Space Management—Works with AIX and Linux data

IBM Spectrum Protect at a glance

Available components IBM Spectrum Protect
IBM Spectrum Protect
Suite – Front End
IBM Spectrum Protect
IBM Spectrum Protect Standard Edition Extended Edition Extended Edition
IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot  
IBM Spectrum Protect for Virtual Environments
IBM Spectrum Protect for Mail
IBM Spectrum Protect for Databases
IBM Spectrum Protect for Enterprise Resource Planning
IBM Spectrum Protect backup-archive client for file systems
IBM Spectrum Protect for Storage Area Networks
IBM Spectrum Protect for Space Management  
Entry option
Archive option    
IBM ProtecTIER® option    
License plan
Per component License each component installed per protected server, virtual or physical Unlimited Unlimited
By capacity Unlimited License by capacity protected by the products in the bundle License by capacity used for managed backup data, measured after deduplication and other efficiency features are used
Entry offerings (some restrictions apply)
  IBM Spectrum Protect
IBM Spectrum Protect
Suite – Front End
IBM Spectrum Protect
Suite Entry
Capacity Up to 50 managed servers per enterprise, of which up to five can be virtual-host servers 100 TB of managed backup data, measured by capacity protected by the products in the bundle 100 TB of managed backup data, measured after deduplication and other efficiency features are used
Backup servers Windows, Linux x86 or Linux on IBM Power® platforms only Two IBM Spectrum Protect servers per enterprise Two IBM Spectrum Protect servers per enterprise

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