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Cloud implementations may stress your storage in unique ways demanding more from your infrastructure. IBM System Storage helps customers address these challenges by supporting cloud agile implementations. When storage is cloud agile, it enables rapid deployment of cloud environments and adapts to constantly changing requirements.

  • Build a powerful storage cloud service – without complexity

    Building a smart storage cloud with IBM SmartCloudTM Storage Access

The IBM SmartCloud™ Storage

IBM can help you build your own Cloud Agile environment with our SmartCloud Storage. The SmartCloud Storage is a family of cross-brand software, services and storage to help clients implement their cloud storage strategy. Whether you want to build it, want IBM to run it or simply want access to IBM’s public cloud storage service, IBM has the solutions to help you get started.

IBM SmartCloud Storage software

IBM SmartCloud Storage Access

This new, easy-to-deploy, simple-to-use software offers self-service storage provisioning, monitoring and reporting.

IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center (US)

Cloud agile storage virtualization and infrastructure management software

Cloud agile storage systems

IBM Storwize V7000 and Storwize
V7000 Unified

Mid-range disk systems with the efficiency and flexibility needed for cloud deployments. These systems support both file and block storage and incorporate IBM Active Cloud Engine for global clouds.

IBM Scale Out Network Attached
Storage (SONAS)

Designed for large enterprises that need to manage massive amounts of file data locally or globally across multiple data centers. Runs IBM Active Cloud Engine at the core.

IBM XIV Storage System

High-end disk storage with deep affinities for dynamic, heterogeneous workloads, ease of management, elasticity, and OpenStack integration. Ideally suited for compute cloud.

IBM System Storage DS8000

Triple performance with the latest in automated tiering, QoS (Quality of Service) management, exceptional reliability and enterprise-class security

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